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July 14, 2016
UHIN is pleased to announce that Continuity of Care Documents, CCDs, from Foothill Family Clinic are now available in the cHIE... Full story
July 12, 2016
UHIN is pleased to announce that Wasatch Peak Family Practice is now contributing laboratory data to the cHIE! Wasatch Peak is a... Full story
June 15, 2016
UHIN is pleased to announce that Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs, also called patient summaries) from Mountain West... Full story
June 2, 2016
UHIN's cHIE, Utah’s state-designated health information exchange (HIE), supports care coordination even when patients receive out... Full story

Connecting healthcare professionals for quality care at lower costs!

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A Community-Oriented Clearinghouse and Health Information Exchange

The Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) is your healthcare IT partner! We stand out in the healthcare field because we are both a clearinghouse and a health information exchange. We electronically exchange medical, hospital and dental claims and reports, and we operate Utah's cHIE, a safe and fast way for healthcare providers to communicate about shared patients. Electronic exchange is a secure, efficient, cost-effective way to get information where it's needed, when it's needed.

UHIN is a nonprofit coalition of healthcare providers, insurers, Utah state government, and other stakeholders whose goal is to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality for the community by enabling providers, insurers and patients to exchange information safely and electronically. 


UHIN is a 501(c)3 non-profit company, so we charge only enough member fees to cover the costs of operating our services. The result is that costs to members are usually far lower than the costs of subscribing to a for-profit healthcare clearinghouse.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

UHIN currently serves nearly all the hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, national laboratories, insurers, and approximately 90% of the medical providers in Utah as well as the Utah state government. Because we are a community organization, we focus on creating data exchange solutions that work for the entire healthcare community, from single-provider offices to large integrated systems. Find out how we can help your organization save time and money today!

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