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UHIN hosts a community Dental Work Group that focuses on making the electronic billing process easier for dentists and advocate for dentists' needs. This work group also creates guides to help dentists with complex areas of billing, such as what attachments to send to Utah payers and how to bill accident claims.

Did you know that Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has the potential to save dental practices significant time and money? EDI is all about getting information from one place to another electronically, and the great thing about electronic communication is that it's fast, and it can be automated. This reduces waiting periods and staff time, allowing your office to be more efficient. Read below to find more tips and tricks for using EDI to your advantage!

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Education Opportunities Guides
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Education Opportunities

Utah Dental Association - Friday, April 22  8:30-11:30 AM

Reserved for the Front Office: Addressing New and Challenging Insurance Topics

Are you ready to propel your office ahead of the curve? In this session designed specifically for front office staff, we will address some new and challenging insurance and billing topics, including:

        • How to electronically correct or cancel a claim that has already been sent
        • Tips and tricks for dealing with auto takebacks
        • The “how” and “when” of submitting medical claims vs. dental claims

Join us to learn strategies for efficiently dealing with these insurance challenges, thereby improving your bottom line. Come for the discussions, stay for the prizes and the Q/A session at the end with our panel of experts. 


View the Attachment Guidelines that show what attachments each Utah payer requires and when.

View guidelines for billing specific services to dental payers.

View the guidelines for billing accident claims.

View credentialing guidelines for dentists.

External Resources

Coordination of Benefit (COB) Materials

Coming soon! 

Archived UDA Presentations

    • 2015 presentation: Focus on how the ACA, NPI, and ICD-10 apply to dentists, plus explanations of why reimbursement processes can differ among payers
    • 2014 presentation: Focus on CORE EFT and ERA Operating Rules, HIPAA OMNIBUS regulations, and Coordination of Benefits
    • 2013 presentation: Focus on e-billing process

Archived Tips from UDA Action

The Work Group regularly contributes tips for getting the most out of EDI to the UDA Action newsletter. If you don't receive the UDA Action or didn't save the issue that included a tip you need, read the tips here!