Utah Health Information Network

Connecting the Community


UHIN handles electronic transactions for dentists, including claims (837), remittance advice (835) and eligibility inquiries and responses (270/271). UHIN realizes that dentists have specific needs from electronic billing, so we convene a community workgroup that focuses on making the electronic billing process easier for dentists. The UHIN Dental Work Group sends representatives to the national organizations that create electronic billing standards to advocate for dentists' needs. The Work Group also creates guidance for dentists on complex areas of billing, such as what attachments to send to Utah payers and how to bill accident claims.

To learn what the Dental Work Group is all about, have a look at the presentations they've given at the 2013 and 2014 Utah Dental Association conventions:

To see the Attachment Guidelines that show what attachments each Utah payer requires and when, click here.

To see guidelines for billing accident claims, click here.

To see credentialing guidelines for dentists, click here.

The Work Group regularly contributes tips for getting the most out of EDI to the UDA Action newsletter. If you don't receive the UDA Action or didn't save the issue that included a tip you need, read them here!